WGC October News

New Range Barrier is Complete – Range is Open

The new gun range barrier is up and painted and looking great. The Club also improved the pistol lanes by weeding the sand pit and replacing the barrier around the metal falling plate target racks with concrete blocks, which will be more durable than the previous wood fence. Within the next couple weeks the Club should be finished building the new metal target containment pit and will reopen the pistol racks.

October Events

Club Meeting Wed. Oct. 6th at 8 PM
Combined Annual & Special Meeting

Sat. Oct. 23rd at 9 am

Membership Renewals
Invoices will be emailed in late Oct; payment due by Jan. 1st

Sundays at 10:30 am
Wednesdays at 4 pm

Long Range Times
Oct. 2: 1st Sat, 9am-1pm
Oct. 13: 2nd Wed, 12-3pm
Oct. 16: 3rd Sat, 9am-1pm
Oct. 27: 4th Wed, 12-3pm

Lower range closed during long range shooting.

No shooting before 9 am (Mon to Sat); 10 am start on Sun; CEASEFIRE 30 MINUTES BEFORE SUNSET–times are posted near the sign in sheet.

Annual and Special Meeting
October 6, 2021, 8:00 pm
(Face coverings optional)

Our Annual Meeting will include the annual election of officers and directors and a vote to fund 2022 club improvements and repairs. At this time, anyone that still wants to nominate themselves may only do so from the floor at the Annual Meeting. The following members have been nominated:

Mark Gentile for President (incumbent, 2nd 1-year term)
Greg Testa for Vice President (incumbent, 2nd 1-year term)
Steve Delany for Treasurer (1-year term)
Mike Angieri for Secretary (incumbent, 1-year term)
No candidate for Governor (1-year term)
David Mackintosh for Director (incumbent, 2022 to 2024 term)
No candidate for Director (2022 to 2024 term)

Special Meeting: Bylaw Revision

At the Sept 1st meeting, the Board voted to hold a Special Meeting to be held concurrently with the Annual Meeting. The Club’s attorney recently recommended these additional Bylaw changes after reviewing the Club’s Articles of Incorporation. The proposed changes are to replace the Bylaws Article XIV. Indemnification section with the language currently on file with the Massachusetts Secretary’s Office.

See the September meeting notes on our web site (link and login below) for the proposed wording changes to the Bylaws. The meeting notes also include more information about the proposed club improvements for 2022.

Workparty Sat. Oct 23rd
9 AM Start

This is our last work party for 2021. To waive the $80 work party fee, members need to attend two work parties, each of which are four hours (except new members that joined after July 1st only need attend ONE workparty).

The Club will send additional email reminders with more information about the workparty.

If you plan to attend the workparty, please reply to this email and let us know.


2022 Membership Renewals

The Club will be emailing all current members their renewal invoices for calendar year 2022 before November 1st. Payments are due by January 1st and can be made online by credit card or electronic check (processed by Intuit QuickBooks) or by mailing the Club a check.

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