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I made some changes, but they colors did not show in this format. I have a word document which shows the changes in red.
• Rifle range with target stands at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards.
• Club operates the 300/250 yard rifle range four times per month.
• Pistol range with target stands at 8, 15, 25, and 50 yards.
• Trap field (16 yards) normally setup for one bird is operated Sunday mornings and as daylight permits on Wednesday evenings (late spring to early fall).
• Wobbly t Trap Wobble tower also available.
• Archery range with tower to replicate shooting from a stand and more targets along a walking path.
• Archery trails with 3D targets and bag targets
• Rifle and pistol ranges with have roof covering at the firing line. but there are NO indoor ranges; all ranges are outdoors.
• Warmup huts with wood burning stoves are available at rifle, pistol, 250 yard shed and trap areas.
• Ranges open during daylight hours only–no shooting before 9 am (10 am on Sundays).
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• The Club hosts several a few causal Club matches during the year and participates in the annual 109 Trap Shoot Competition in conjunction with Medfield Sportsman and Fin Fur and Feather Clubs.
• For membership we host some classes and cookouts at the Clubhouse
• and also Scheduled a few work parties each year, during which members make repairs and improvements to the our facilities.
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Membership Requirements
• Must possess a Massachusetts firearms license (age 18 or older).
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• $170/year plus $80 unless 8 hours of work party attendance contribution
• $125 initiation fee first year
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• First Wednesday of the month 8 pm at the clubhouse (members only).
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25 Trailside Road, Medfield, MA 02052
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