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    Derek W. 748

    Couple items

    * Initial password change resulted in 2 emails to my inbox.
    * Is there a better way to navigate forum? I can’t find a way to navigate back to the parent “forum” without having to click on “forum” in the black banner above. ( see the CMP forum screen shot I’ve attached)
    * No new post button? Looks like to create a new post you scroll down to the bottom of the forum. Every other forum I use has a new post button. ( See the CMP forum example for this we well)
    * Black banner blocking bottom frame after I reply to a post ( see image link for screen shot)
    * Image uploads to forum. I used my imgur account and linked it. Guessing most members aren’t as internet saavy.



    Derek W. 748

    OK, clearly linking the Imgur album did not work

    View post on imgur.com

    Derek W. 748

    Edit Post does not seem to be working.

    I clicked the Edit button in the upper right hand corner of my post, screen refreshed but no edit functionality. The edit button is now missing.

    David M. 318

    Thanks for the review Derek. I checked the forum settings and it was set to limit editing to 5 min after post. I changed that to edit indefinitely.

    I had requested a plugin for adding images, and they came back w/ options, so I’m asking them to add this plugin, which will support multiple file attachments. I forwarded your other comments to developer:

    I like this bbpress attachment plugin, since it does more than just images: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gd-bbpress-attachments/
    More error / comments:
    Can we add bread crumb style links in the forum to go back a level or more?  See screenshot of an example enclosed.
    Can we add a button at the top of each forum category to add a new post?  Currently need to scroll to the bottom to reply.
    Black banner blocking bottom frame I reply to a post in the forum.  see screenshot attached.

    David M. 318

    Developer addressed the above issues, except the NEW POST button, which they found a plugin and asked if it was okay before installing. I just told them it’s good and to install.

    testing file attachment

    seems to work okay. i didn’t see the black bars after reply.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by David M. 318.
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