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    Can this be broken up into categorie and events instead of an accumulation of pics. Makes it easier to look for event pics
    Specific matches
    Work parties
    General pics
    Nature & Animal
    sWorkin progess for projects
    Cool Guns??

    David M. 318

    We might want to limit the photo section to just Club related photos and then let people post these other things, like “cool guns” in the forum, but right now it’s not easy to post photos in the forum, which is an issue I’ve been meaning to address w/ the developer. So we might preface the image gallery with “Post your photos taken at the Club, and about the Club, here.” Otherwise it’s just going to be random photos of people’s cats and such.

    So I’ll send the questions to the developer: Can we make sub groups in the image gallery, or maybe setup multiple galleries? Topics we need are Events, Matches, Workparty, General, Nature & Animal, Club improvements.

    Second question: can we add an option for users to post photos in the forum easier than linking to an image from a third party web site?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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