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    David M. 318

    1. Use a PC web browser. Once the PC version is final the developer will optimize the layout for mobile and tablet viewing, so these mobile formats won’t look good at the moment.

    2. Before you login to the Members section you will need to create a password. Enter your email address as your username on this page and it will email you a link to set your password: https://westwoodgunclub.com/login/?action=lostpassword If you do not see the email in your inbox then check your Spam folder.

    Note that this is how I am planning to have all members set their passwords when we launch the site live. I think letting people reset their password by link is easier than sending cryptic passwords for members to type in.

    3. If you suggest changes then please be as specific as possible. If you don’t like how something reads then provide us with the replacement text. Likewise, if you think a photo is not appropriate, then provide us with a better photo we can use.

    4. Try out the forum: make some posts; replies, and try direct messaging other users that post. I will delete the test posts before we go live so don’t hold back.

    5. Let’s set a deadline of 1 week to send feedback. If people need more time then just ask.

    6. The “Account Info” section in the Members Only section doesn’t do anything. Not sure we can link this to QuickBooks and still investigating, which this was a reach goal we had and we might just have to do something else. Was considering changing that page title to “Membership Renewal” and then provide general info on how the Club sends invoices annually by email by Nov 1.

    7. Even if you were part of the Alpha testing you still need to reset your password. I deleted the original accounts and created new users for all following the username syntax we agreed to. We also switched the forum software and I deleted the previous test posts.

    8. POST YOUR FEEDBACK ON THE DRAFT SITE IN THE FORUM in the “Web Site Development” section.

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